1. Objective

The objective of this policy is the declaration and commitment of OCEANO SEAFOOD S.A. to inform users of the different services provided through its website about the treatment and uses to which their personal data is subjected to.

2. Scope

This policy applicable to all web pages managed by OCEANO SEAFOOD S.A. that are for public use.

3. Normative References 

3.1. Law N° 29733 – Personal Data Protection Law.
3.2. D.S. N° 003-2013-JUS – Regulations of Law N° 29733.

4. Guiding Principles

At OCEANO SEAFOOD S.A., we respect the principles of personal data protection.
4.1. Principle of legality: the collection of users personal data by illegal and fraudulent means is rejected.
4.2. Principle of consent: user consent will be obtained freely, informed, express, unequivocal, and prior to the processing of their personal data.
4.3. Principle of purpose: the personal data of our users will be collected for a specific, explicit, and lawful purpose, and will not be extended that has not been unequivocally established as such at the time of its collection.
4.4. Principle of proportionality: all processing of personal data of our users will be appropriate, relevant, and not excessive to the purpose for which they were collected.
4.5. Quality principle: the personal data processed will be real, accurate and, as far as possible, updated, necessary, relevant, and appropriate for the purpose for which they were collected. They will be kept in a way that guarantees their security and only for the time necessary to fulfill the purpose of treatment.
4.6. Security principle: OCEANO SEAFOOD S.A. adopts the technical, organizational, and legal measures necessary to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data. OCEANO SEAFOOD S.A. has appropriate security measures in place, in accordance with the processing to be carried out and the category of personal data in question.
4.7. Principle of adequate level of protection: OCEANO SEAFOOD S.A. ensures an adequate level of protection of the personal data of its users for cross-border flow of personal data, with a
minimum level of protection equivalent to that provided by Law N° 29733 or by international standards in the field.

5. Definition of Personal Data

5.1. According to the law, the term Personal Data is defined as “numerical, alphabetical, graphic, photographic, acoustic information, about personal habits, or any other type concerning natural persons that identifies them or makes them identifiable through means that can be reasonably be used.” The company considers personal data to be all information that the user voluntarily enters through any of our forms on our websites or that is sent by email.


6. Ownership of the Database

6.1. Personal data that might be provided through the website or other means will be incorporated into data banks managed by OCEANO SEAFOOD S.A.


7. Purposes of Information Processing

7.1. In accordance with Law N° 29733 – Personal Data Protection Law and its Regulations approved by D.S. 003-2013-JUS, the interested party will give express consent so that the personal data provided are incorporated into the Personal Data Bank of People Interested in OCEANO SEAFOOD S.A. and are treated by it with the purpose of answering their queries and providing them with advertising information, giving them uses that include topics related to profile analysis, advertising, and commercial prospecting, statistical, historical, scientific, and educational purposes. The user authorizes OCEANO SEAFOOD S.A. to keep their personal data in the mentioned database as long as they are useful for the aforementioned purposes and uses.


8. Privacy Statement

8.1. The company does not collect personal data about the user except when voluntarily provided with information, when registering on any of the websites or when he sends an email or other communication addressed to OCEANO SEAFOOD S.A. The company will not process or transfer personal data without the prior consent of the user.


9. Security and Confidentiality of Data

9.1. OCEANO SEAFOOD S.A. is committed to complying with the necessary security and confidentiality standards to ensure the reliability, integrity, and availability of the information collected from users. The user is solely responsible for providing their personal data to OCEANO SEAFOOD S.A.


10. User Rights (ARCO Rights)

10.1. In accordance with the law, the user may request, at any time, their rights of access, updating, rectification, inclusion, opposition, and deletion or cancellation of personal data by downloading the PDP Rights Attention Request form from the institutional website and sending it to the email address arco@oceanocorp.com or by physically presenting it at the company’s tax address. In both cases and ID copy must be attached.


11. User Consent and Acceptance of Terms

11.1. This privacy and confidentiality statement described in this policy constitutes a valid agreement between the user and OCEANO SEAFOOD S.A., confirms the knowledge, understanding, and acceptance by the user of what is stated for the purposes expressed. If you are not agreed, the user should not provide any personal information, neither the service, or any information related to the OCEANO SEAFOOD S.A websites.


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